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Welcome to AHIMTA

The premier association for incident management professionals.  Originating from a grassroots effort, the AHIMTA supports and promotes the development and use of all hazards incident management teams.  AHIMTA supports and promotes a complex system of local mutual aid – offering tools for:

  • Communities to sustain a network of incident management teams;
  • Teams to garner national standard qualifications, hone their skills, act as one;
  • Responders to stand ready, mobilize quickly and return home safely; and,
  • the entire all-hazard arena to exchange and collaborate

The AHIMTA provides technical assistance in building and training a team, a standardized qualifications programs, and the opportunity for network and problem solving.

Mission Statement

To provide leadership and education to incident management teams and their members in order to promote, support, improve and enhance the profession of emergency management based on the IMT approach. Doing so by providing educational opportunities, setting standard and promoting the cooperation of federal, state, local and tribal/territorial agencies as well as non-governmental organizations in all phases of emergency management.